Mopar FI Kit Install

  1. 3/25/1999 Parts Inventory...too many little parts...

  2. 3/27/1999 Cleaned the garage. Got propane for the heater (it was in the 40's outside)

  3. 3/28/1999 Session #1 (8 hours of work): Real install begins (with some help from a friend)
    Removed radiator (flushed system also)
    Removed air cleaner system
    Removed alternator and PS pump
    Removed water pump
    Removed fuel pump and hoses (had to let things air out a while)
    Removed old dampener
    Removed old upstream/downstream air injection tubes
    Removed plugs and wires
    Removed timing chain and case (lots of slack in the old chain)
    Installed new timing chain (Mopar double roller) and case
    Installed new dampner
    Removed Intake manafold with carb attached (had to cut EGR tube)

  4. 3/30/1999 Session #2 (90 minutes of work)
    Install O2 sensor
    Install EGR port plug. I got a standard 7/8"-18 steel plug. My old stuff was so rusty I did not want to use it again! I still used the little block disk.
    Install Distributor
    Install Ignition coil and old fulepump blockoff plate
    Install Intake manafold

  5. 4/3/1999 Session #3 (4 hours of work)
    Finished installing intake (torqued)
    Removed old ignition coil
    Installed water pump
    Installed thermostat and housing
    Installed temp sensor (in thermo housing)
    Installed MAP sensor
    Installed the new throttle cable
    Removed overflow tank
    Removed washer tank
    Removed old evap canister
    Installed new evap canister (used existing bracket)
    Installed speed sensor
    Installed wiring harness

  6. 4/10/1999 Session #4 (several hours to route the new fule line)
    Installed new brake booster connector. The new factory one did not work.
    Installed driver's side 5/16" steel fule line. I bent it while under the jeep.

  7. 4/15/1999 Session #5 (all nighter....16 hours)
    Removed all old computers and connected wires
    Installed fule pump and filter, this took a long time to get it the way I wanted it and without kinking any lines.
    Installed all vacuum tubes, air vents, etc.
    Water tested the computer (put it in a 5gal bucket while running)
    Installed computer where the jack and vacuum can used to be. It did not fit in the new 'correct' location. Since I have dual batteries I had lots of space under the tray.
    Installed the radiator and connected the new electric fan.
    Too many little things.....But I Finished everying! including install of flex-a-lite electric fan

So, an estimate of 30-40 hours to do >everything< is not far off.....

Once installed, it took a minute of cranking for the fule pump to bleed the air from the system (pipes, hoses, fule rail, etc) once the system got fule it started right up. I noticed some strange engine idle for several minutes while the computer learned how my engine ran. Things are great now!

The only problem left is sometimes hard starting, I have to crank for several seconds before it starts....
and only a few other small things left, like making the Tach. work again.....

Photos: (more soon)
Quick Notes:
Ignored the install instructions until the end (seems to work well that way)
Used 7/8-18 steel drain plug for EGR hole
Got Motorcraft WA-10 dielectric grease ($12 vs Jeep's $18), I used it on every connector (including the water tight ones)
Got new washer fluid pump, Anco 64-01 (old one was falling apart)
Used MPFI fule hose where I could, note that it does NOT strech
Used new #5 EMT clamp for fule filter rather than that rubber thing
Installed the computer where I had space, and yes, it does work under water
I paid the local muffler shop to MIG weld shut the air injection holes